A completely fair launch decentralized community network


DIDNET(abbr DIDN) aims to establish a completely community-driven encrypted asset and credit system, bringing together like-minded people who seek equality, dignity and happiness, which is the only way to break the inequality of data access. The purpose of DIDN is that anyone can participate, and mining is an incentive for good behaviors. Traditional mining projects still require users' funds and time, while DIDN adopts a fair distribution method as much as possible and the participation threshold is almost zero. This method is closer to the original concept of blockchain, decentralized, completely transparent, peer-to-peer value exchange and self-hosting principles.

Nowadays, most blockchain projects or tokens are still shrouded by a strong speculative sentiment and short-termism. As long as most projects have strong financial support and the advantages of unequal information, they can be listed on a large number of exchanges. To create considerable "value", in the overbought and oversold market artificially created again and again, the founding team and the whales with large funds become the biggest winners, which is getting far away from the original intention of the blockchain. The real supporters of the blockchain spirit are pursuing a truly decentralized social system. DIDN will be a very exciting innovation and attempt.


The ultimate vision of DIDN is building a social network based on real users. Therefore, the most important part is not the gas fee consumed by mining and participation, but building a decentralized social network that everyone can participate, able to participate, and is willing to participate. The innovation of the blockchain lies in the full opening of data, but this does not mean the equality of "data access rights". Due to the limitations of funds and skills, a considerable number of products have to exclude most of the users on their way to commercialization which created a new pattern of inequality.

This inequality will lead to minority groups evaluating and controlling the majority. At the same time, data is scattered in different public chains, DApps and products. Individual additions, deletions, changes, and queries to their data cannot be truly implemented, and superimposed addresses and domain names are always variable. Personal identity is gradually fluidized and fragmented in the chain world.

From the perspective of truly empowering individuals, the unification of data sources and personal identities is the only way to go. The real return of data ownership and access rights to users is the top priority. In the future, any project or non-profit infrastructure can be connected to the real user network built by DIDN network. The task reward system and user growth system can be constructed initially, and even broader uses. On the basis of fairness, transparency and return of data ownership to users, share the value brought by traffic.

Therefore, DIDN also pays attention to rewarding the correct behavior. The reason why this incentive behavior is still called mining is that time is still an important reference factor. The token DID created by the DIDN community will be in the beginning for a period of time (5 or even 10 Years) can be minted infinitely, and it is inflationary for a long period of time, so long-termites with firm beliefs deserve more rewards.

Token Economics

DIDN's token economics consists of two types of tokens, namely DXP (more inclined to the nature of accumulate points) and DID (community native token).


  • A token with no cap on the total amount.

  • It is a pre-mechanism for DIDN to start fairly with almost zero threshold (excluding the gas fee required on the chain and basic tools such as having a corresponding wallet).

  • It is also a record and quantifiable certificate of user behavior or contribution, including but not limited to: credit shown by the cumulative behavior of the account history, incentive points obtained by participating in tasks, incentives for contributing to the community, etc.

  • In the future, it can carry more forms of incentives such as community tasks and incentives for the complexity of the relationship network.

  • In order to avoid the influx of too many robots, the initial output rate of DXP is limited to ensure that real users have the opportunity to participate.


  • No backdoor, fully open-source BEP-20 (ERC-20) standard token (will initially be issued on the Binance Smart Chain, and may be extended to more widely used public chains later).

  • Completely fair distribution, everyone can participate for free. There is no need to use any funds of the user (excluding GAS fees) to start participating in the activation of minting/mining.

  • The circulating supply of DID will start completely from 0, and can only be activated and minted through the participation of real community users.

  • DID has an upper limit but the minting will stop at 10 million users which means that no new DID will be minted after the 10 millionth successful activation. Minted tokens can circulate freely at any time.

  • DID conducts continuous token rewards according to the reward time of the lock-up period and the total number of participants selected by the user at the time of minting.

  • The uses of DID include but are not limited to the following: non-destructive mining to obtain tokens of other community projects, potential airdrop opportunities, income certificates for holding tokens, minting DIDN or NFT of other communities, and obtaining them at preferential prices for other community projects tokens, minting domains/mailboxes or other infrastructure that helps build a decentralized society.

Value capture of DID

The total amount of DID has a limit, and the limit is determined by the DID minted by the 10 millionth user. No special deflation mechanism is designed because, when the user scale reaches 10 million, the trend of continuing to expand the consensus is almost irreversible, and at the same time, the DID itself that cannot be circulated due to partial loss or other factors can form deflation mechanism.

The mint mechanism of DID itself also makes its output speed reflect as a curve, which will gradually drop down. The ultimate value is actually created by the market forces formed by the joint efforts of multiple participants.

At the same time, only under the protection of decentralized identities, users will have the willingness and motivation to generate effective data on a large scale, and data analysis on the chain will thus enter the 2.0 era, instead of the current DeFi and NFT market analysis models, direct analysis User behavior is a development direction with more economic prospects, and then reconstructs the iterative method of Web 3.0 applications, jumping out of Ponzi and imitation.

Starting from decentralized identities, the accumulated raw data will inevitably show a trend of becoming more and more abundant, not just simple transfers, giant whale address tracking and other usage scenarios. The rich data value not only supports personal privacy, but also The source of monetization of the future Web 3.0 economic model will become the value basis of the entire Web 3.0 application, rather than the advertising model that is widely relied on at present.

From the perspective of user experience, decentralized identity is the real starting point of Web 3.0, rather than underlying protocols such as oracles or public chains. Decentralized identity indicates the identity of the entrant. As mentioned above, decentralized identity cannot be limited to a single product form. Wallets, emails, domain names, social media, various projects, etc. can all be connected to DIDN. As the infrastructure of Web3.0 and even a decentralized society, the imagination of DID will be enormous.

DXP airdrop & activation details

1 billion DXP is pre-mined for airdrop; 1,000 DXP per account, the total amount is 1 million accounts.

1. The airdrop targets: Holder of BXEN, XEN, Cake, XVS, TWT, GMT, MBOX, MDX, BSW, BANANA, BABY\MILK, BIFI, WOM, WMX, FACEDAO, BUSD, ETH, BTC, BNB, etc. Twitter is posted in order, and the whitelist is issued in order, on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. Users can see the amount of the airdrop when they visit the mint page, transfer the desired amount(2~1000 which represents lock-up period is 2~1000 days) to your inviter(must be an activated address), and activate your own address to start DID mining.

3. Notice that transfer process means to choose the lock up period and the social network relationship by the amount and address you fill in.

DXP output details

The mining output of DXP points will be adjusted based on the number of DID activated accounts.

1. When the number of activated accounts is 0-10,000, the block output is 10.

2. When the number of activated accounts is 10,000-100,000, the block output is 100.

3. When the number of activated accounts is 100,000-1 million, the block output is 100.

4. When the number of activated accounts is greater than 1 million, the block output is 10,000.

5. When the number of activated accounts is greater than 10 million, the block output is 1,000, and it will not change thereafter.

6. After the number of activated accounts is greater than 10 million, all DXP in the coinage contract can be withdrawn into the DXP vault contract.

7. Output per block can be adjusted manually as needed; liquidity can be adjusted.

If DXP's coinage contract has a DXP balance and the balance is greater than 1,000, the inactive account will automatically display the 1000 balance; at this time, the user can transfer money to activate the account.


At present, the decentralized identity and task platform is still in its early stages, and there are still many problems whether the construction as an infrastructure itself or the number and stickiness of users. For the establishment of network relationship, it needs a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. When the user scale grows to a critical point of explosion, the real network effect will be produced. At the same time, in such projects, the addition of financial attributes can reduce the difficulty of project cold start and give users sufficient reasons to participate. However, disadvantages still exist, such as short survival time, user growth is easy to encounter bottlenecks, and the departure of early profiteers will quickly reduce the popularity. Therefore, DIDN chose such a way to start as fair as possible. DIDN does not want to "transfer wealth", but to create long-term value with as many like-minded users as possible.

However, the construction of infrastructure must require the spirit of long-termism. A long time period also means that everything should be covered as much as possible, and the possible directions of decentralized identity must be included, such as on-chain proof, contribution badges, social networking, establishment of social relationships, tasks and user acquisition, etc. as one. Decentralized identity is a prerequisite for the popularization of decentralized applications in the future. DIDN has taken a solid step towards the future at this very moment - creating a decentralized social system based on credit, giving everyone the possibility of equality, dignity and happiness.



We have described the rewards that you are going to get in the above paragraph. However, what are those awards? How are you going to generate such a reward? And most importantly, how are you are going to enhance those rewards and cherish the most out of them? All these questions are going to be answered below.

Generation of rewards

For the generation of rewards, there is no complex procedure here. The process is simple and only involves your wallet. However, there are certain variables that you have to follow. The first variable is the amount of time that you will set forth and you are ready to wait for the generation of the coin. Based on that, you will be ranked particularly. That ranking would be based on when you have joined us, and how many people have interacted with us before you. Afterwards, your rent will be calculated logarithmically. There are certain amplification factors as well that are going to be added afterwards. In this way, generation of rewards is made possible without the involvement of any complicated procedure or staking up assets.

Increment of rewards

This is also a common question asked by user that is there any way that they can increase the rewards? The answer is yes. You can easily increase your rewards with simple procedure. Simply put, you must enhance your rank to increase the amount of the words that you are getting. This event is the one that has already been talking about in the paragraph above. Moreover, there are also special rewards for inviting more people to the platform. in addition, there are rewards for maximum number of days that you are willing to wait for minting.

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